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Our Single day event has hosted more than 40,000 students in the past twelve years. This is a day where one can step back more than 150 years ago and relive history. Experience first hand (by the way of presenters) how life was during the American Civil War. Learn from presentations from Civilians, Sutlers and Military standpoints. Learn the lifestyle, hardships and struggles these soldiers faced during Americas bloodiest war. 

This day will be a learning experience for both Teachers and Students alike, so come with an open mind and be ready to learn in Hartford City on October 4, 2024 and be prepared to ask and answer questions by presenters. Most importantly come out to have a good time and to help us keep history alive for our future generations to learn from. This is open to all Public, Private and Homeschool groups! You may bring a sack lunch with you or there will be food vendors available to purchase your lunch. 

Hope to see you in October!

New and exciting additions are being made for our next event! Do not miss out on this wonderful educational experience! See you soon!


October 4th, 2024

8 am - 3 pm Student Discovery Day. 

Student Interaction Opportunities

Students will be able to step back in time during 1864. They will be able to interact with the Doctor, act as a prisoner in the Jailhouse, Abraham Lincoln, the Blacksmith, and so much more! Students' can even interact with the Artillery Infantry demonstrations.

As the day continues, students will be able to experience skirmishes during the time of the Civil War. They will learn about the battle taking place by General Grant as he gives information about military tactics during the war. 

To finish out their fun day of iterations, students will be able to view the Saloon and cool down with a refreshing bottle of root beer or water. If they are in need of a snack they can also eat a pickle or a stick of beef jerky.

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