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Are you wanting to volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers! Our volunteers have many tasks in which they can pursue such as being in charge of a certain event, working in our saloon or admission gates, grounds keeping and so much more! If you are wanting to help bring our event to life with your ideas and talents please feel free to reach out to us or come to our monthly meetings! 

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Reenacting allows individuals to bring history back to life and to portray a life that was once lived. During the American Civil War many individuals gave their lives to fight for what they thought was right. When it comes to Civil War Reenacting, individuals will gather to demonstrate for many spectators what happened during this important event in history and will also tell the story of the life they are portraying. 

If you are interested in reenacting please reach out to us! We openly invite you to attend our monthly meetings to speak with our members to express your interest in reenacting. Our club is currently in the works to begin a new meeting schedule just for our reenacting side for our members. Please continue to check our Facebook page and our website for more information that is coming. 


We are always looking for new volunteers and new reenactors!

Please email us at or message us on Facebook!

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